What to Look For and How to Investigate - Basic Information

Locate Tips- Try to remember the following information about your subject:
Full Name/Date of birth/Driver's License Number(and State Issued)/ Social Security#
Are they collecting SS Benefits?
Any and all old addresses/phone numbers/pager/cell phone numbers
Relatives/family names/their old addresses
Vehicle/Property ownership
Professional licenses
Do they have a criminal record? Have they ever sued or been sued?
Have they ever voted?
Do they hunt/fish?
Do they owe money?
What organizations do they/did they belong to? What magazines did they/do they subscribe to?
What are their hobbies?
Ever been in the military?
Where is their family? The easiest way to find someone is to ask someone who knows!
Those are some of the things you should look for before going to an investigator. It may not seem important to you, but for the investigator it may be the one solid lead that finds your friend. One word of caution. If you do not have good intentions towards the person you are looking for, please do not waste the time of a PI. A good PI will not release the location of that person to you until that person says that it is OK. Too many PI's have been burned by stalkers, EX's, and just plain wack-o's. There are circumstances in which the person will not be notified first, but those are on a case by case basis.

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Infidelity- Is your spouse or significant other cheating on you? Here are some tell tale signs that they MAY be. Remember, these are not PROOF, but you should know what to watch out for:
Your spouse or significant other:
1. Is offended by small comments that once went unnoticed.
2. Begins taking a stronger interest in his or her appearance or becomes obsessed with losing weight/gaining weight. They will often join a health club, begin body building, sun-tanning, etc.
3. Will begin to keep company with a certain person or group of individuals unknown by you. Many times, this person will be someone with whom they are sharing the guilt with.
4. Will begin to be "working late" when they seldom have in the past.
5. Will often lose sexual interest in you.
6. Will become offended and sometimes ask if you are checking up on them.
7. Will frequently have unexplained absences.
8. Will make comments when questioned or condemned such as, "Not everyone feels that way".
9. Will sometimes ask for a divorce without a reasonable explanation.
10. May get a post office box and not allow you to have a key.
11. Will no longer allow you to use the family credit cards or to see the bill.
12. Will arrive home smelling like cologne or perfume other than their own.
13. Will sell or transfer ownership of many of the family goods to prevent them from becoming part of the property settlement.
14. Will begin to consume drugs and/or alcohol.
15. Will lose interest in his or her home life and children.
16. Will charge up all credit accounts in preparation of ending the relationship.
17. Will become cold and inconsiderate of your feelings.
18. Will buy a new wardrobe or begin wearing a new cologne/perfume.
19. May find reasons to get away from family gatherings on holidays etc., to wish holiday greetings to a lover.
20. May begin to take showers as soon as they return from work/going out, when they never used to do that.
21. Names of strange places will appear on credit card bills. Usually these names will appear to be restaurants, but you can not find them in the phonebook. Many times these are Gentleman's Clubs or Cabarets.......AKA Nudie Bars.
22. Will do the laundry when they never used to, or at a time when they normally wouldn't. They may be trying to hide the signs of smoke, lipstick, body fluids, etc.
23. Lingerie is missing from drawers or found in the dirty clothes.
You May:
24. Begin to receive hang up telephone calls.
25. May find the passenger seat in his/her car moved from the normal position.
26. May find a different brand of cigarettes in the car's ashtray, or with another's lipstick on them.
27. Will notice the mileage on the car is not adding up to what it should. Too many extra miles.
28. Will no longer have a land line phone number to call him/her when out, only a cell phone number, or pager number. They may be trying to hide their location.
These are not definite signs of a cheating spouse, but if you notice there are quite a bit of them going on, you may want to start investigating just for your peace of mind.
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Statistics Affecting the Workplace-
Reasons employers cannot overlook background investigations.:
60% of college registrars regularly experience attempts to document FALSE CREDENTIALS.
30% of business failures are caused by EMPLOYEE THEFT.
$15-25 BILLION LOST TO EMPLOYEE THEFT a year according to the Bureau of National Affairs.
Average employee EMBEZZLEMENT is over $125,000.
Persons with substance abuse are 10 times more likely to miss work, 3 times more likely to have an accident, 33% less productive on the job, and file 5 times as many workers compensation claims.
94% of corporate security directors rank domestic violence as a high security problem at their company.
The workplace is the scene of approximately 3.2 million crimes and thefts every year.
Over 2 million personal thefts happen annually in the workplace.
One in six violent crimes occur in the workplace.
Workplace violence cost employers 4.2 BILLION in lost work and legal fees in 1992.
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